What can we Do 4 U?

We produce simple storage solutions for your Wheelie Bin & Recycling Boxes.

Also, should you need it, we can produce an 'Add-On' for storing Cycles, Wood or Any Other Storage Space with or without additional security measures.

All products are built by hand, using only the best available locally sourced, pressure treated timber. The timber we use is 'Rough Sawn', giving it that rustic look that fits into any garden, plus it's 'Home Grown' ensuring we do our bit to lower the carbon footprint created when transporting it.

Our 'Standard' products are usually made in advance and are available for Delivery within a couple of days or so. Our Larger or Bespoke products are available to order and are usually ready for Delivery within 7-10 days.

Area's We Cover

See below for some examples of our standard products.

If there's anything else you'd like help with then please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Recycling Box Storage

Recycling Box Storage

Available as a 2 or 3 Tier storage unit, also available as a 2x2 Tier. Each Tier holds a large recycling box.

Each unit has the option to be 'Back To Wall/Fence' (Open Back), or with a Back Panel.

Door/s are also available for these units.

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Wheelie Bin Store

Wheelie Bin Storage

Single unit built to store the large (Family Size) wheelie bin, also available as a double wheelie bin storage unit.

This unit has the option to be 'Back To Wall/Fence' (Open Back), or with a back panel.

Door/s also available for these units.

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Recycling & Wheelie

Recycling & Wheelie Bin

These are a popular choice.

The Recycling Box & Wheelie Bin units built together as a single unit.

Left or Right Handed Wheelie.

Many options available with 2 or 3 Tier recycling, Back panel/s, Door/s and Hinged Top with Prop.

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Bespoke Wood Store

Wood Storage Add-On

The Standard Wood Storage unit is usually an addition to other units, however it can be ordered as a single unit if required.

It's simply the Wheelie Bin unit with a strong, slightly elevated floor in place.

Available in any size to suit your needs, with or without a back panel.

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Bespoke Cycle Store

Cycle Storage Add-On

Cycle Storage of any size, with or without frontage/doors.

Also additional security measures such as stronger frame, double wall, fixed to wall or floor. Chain or cable anchor point/s can also be fitted if required.

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Bespoke Storage Add-On

Bespoke Storage Add-On

You Choose...

Any shape or size of storage can be produced to suit your needs.

Simply use the 'Contact' page to request a Free Survey or Quote.

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